Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities (27/04/20- 01/05/20)

Creating a television advert:


Can you plan your own television advert?


When a company wants to sell their products, they advertise it to people who might want to buy it.
The advert used needs to be persuasive and convince the audience that they need/ want the product.


Find a product in your house that you would like to create an advert for. It could be a food item, a toy, a game, pet food… anything that you think could be advertised on TV.


Step 1:


Watch these television adverts for inspiration:

What do you like about each advert?
What do you dislike about each advert?
How do they persuade the audience?
What might you want to ‘magpie’ from the advert?

Step 2:


How will you persuade the reader that they need to buy your product?
Look at these slides for some helpful tips and tricks.


Step 3:

You could start by planning your advert using a storyboard like the one below:

Draw pictures of each different part (frame) of your advert and annotate the picture with notes about the camera shot you would use and what the audience would be able to hear.

Step 4:


Look at this WAGOLL script. It is a script for a news broadcast.

What features can you spot?
How is it laid out?

Why is some of the text inside brackets?

Step 5:


Can you write a script for your television advert?
If you have access to a camera/ smart phone, you could even film your advert using the different camera shots that you labelled on your storyboard.