Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!



Summer Term
Our topic this term is Our Bodies, Healthy Eating and Keeping Healthy. 
We will be looking at the story FunnyBones to start the topic off, moving on to healthy eating. On Wednesday 9th May we will be visiting Eureka. 
The children will be reading Handa's Surprise and The hungry Caterpillar to find more out about healthy eating. We will be making fruit salads and smoothies, after a visit to Tesco. 
We will be moving then to look at the history of the Olympics, previous host countries and where they are on a world map and where in the UK London can be found. 

Visit Eureka - click here

Healthy Eating Games

Healthy Eating Recipes just for kids


We have started this term by using our art skills to create funnybones pictures using chalks, art straws or string to represent the bones. 

We have labelled the different bones in our bodies and have learnt about the different jobs that adults do in a hospital - there are surgeons, nurses, doctors, chefs, cleaners, receptionists, paramedics, teachers, and many more. We did not know that there were so many different jobs. We have also used our role play area which is a hospital to take on board the roles that some of the adults do in a hospital. We have been learning some emergency first aid and how to deal with cuts, grazes and broken bones. 

The big and little skeletons wrote to us asking for help with chosing a new pet (their dog skeleton keeps barking and keeps them awake). We had to write a persuasive letter back to the skeletons convincing them why they should choose our animal skeleton. 

We are having a skeleton party with the Y2 children and we will be wearing our own design skeleton costumes. Before that happens we will writing our own Funny bones story. Who knows where our skeletons will be living........

We are going on a trip to Eureka in the next couple of weeks, 9th May to learn more about the body through exploration and investigation. 

Mrs Gregory and some of the children will become gardeners and start to grow some plants in our outside area. They will be keeping a diary of what they have been doing. Hopefully we will be able to use some of the fruit to make our fruit salads and the plants we can sell at the summer fair. 

Then we will be starting to look at healthy eating and paying a trip to Tescos to find out which fruit and vegetables they sell. We are going to making fruit salads - YUMMY!

Moving onto the second half of the term we will then be looking at the Olympics, visiting the EIS and watching the Olympic Flame come through Rotherham. 

Spring 2 2012
 Minibeast madness hits Year 1. We will be exploring the wonderful world of those curious creatures - minibeasts. Our WOW day was a trip to the Butterfly House, 28th Feb. This will start our term off and slowly throughout the term we will be transferring the classroom into our own Butterfly House. 

The children will be writing a recount of the journey, making maps of our Butterfly House and writing fact files for their curious creatures. 

The children will be designing their own new version of a minibeast based on all the information that they discover. They will have the opportunity to spend time in the explorer's den, observing the wildlife around and making field study reports. We will find out what a snails favourite food is, why spiders make webs, how worms move, what the best colour for camouflage is, why butterflies have symmetrical wings and many more amazing facts. 

Minibeast Websites: 
Create your own bug - 

Caterpillar Numbers 

Minibeast Activities 

Story Telling Day - Monkey See, Monkey Do! 
See the link below for our story telling day experience........

Spring 1 2012
This term we are exploring the world of the dinosaurs! We are going to become museum curators! 
We have looked at how dinosaur fossils are formed and made our own salt dough ones. We have studied dinosaur skeletons and looked at the different bones. We then made pasta skeletons. We used our observational skills to sketch dinosaur pictures. We were very careful to pay attention to detail. 

We have studied different dinosaurs and looked at their eating habits to see if they were herbivores or carnivores. 

We have also entered a national poetry competition with our own versions of A friendly Dinosaur. We used our senses to describe what a friendly dinosaur may feel, smell, taste, sound and look like. Fingers crossed we win!

Visit the Natural History Museum
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