Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Summer 2

This half term our topic is 
Down at the Bottom of the  Garden 

We will be learning all about minibeasts, flowers, trees and parks.

To start the topic off we will be visiting local parks to have a look  at (and try out) the equipment, facilities, plants and wildlife there. We will then come back to school to create a birds eye view map of the park. As well as thinking about how we could improve the park and finally have a go at designing our own park equipment. 

Throughout this topic we will develop skills across the curriculum including through History, Art and Design, ICT, Literacy & Numeracy!! Some of the activities that will we be carryin out are:
In Literacy we will start off by learning the story of the Ugly Duckling through drama, role play, small world and story map activities. We will then be discussing how we can change the story and creating our own ugly bug characters to help us to write our own ugly bug story. As well as this we will also be creating our own information leaflets about our own park.
In maths we will be learning all about 3D shapes and using these to make park rides. We will also be creating tallies and pictograms to find out what Year 1’s favourite playground ride is.
In art and design we will be creating our own moving Venus Flytraps but first we will be experimenting the best way to make a moving joint.  

In science we will be looking at the minibeasts that are in our KS1 area and how we could encourage more minibeast to live there. 

We will also be visiting Clifton Park to give us some ideas on what to include when we design our own parks. 

Summer Term
This half term our topic is 
Once Upon a Time!

We will be learning all about fairy tales and the magical worlds they take place in. 

To start the topic off we had a WOW day where we completed a Knights Challenge so that we could become Knights of Dinnington. Jack and Francesca were our King and Queen for the day and oversaw the proceedings. After we had completed the tasks we had a traditional medieval banquet in the hall with chicken soup and bread! YUMMY! Finally we held our own knighting ceremony where the king and queen sat on a throne, gave out certificates and knighted us all. We celebrated with some party games while traditional medieval music played. 

Have a look in the gallery at some of the photos!

Through this topic we will develop skills in a range of areas including History, Design Technology & Art, ICT Literacy & Numeracy!! The following is an example of the types of activities we will be carrying out this term. 

As Historians we will be finding out about the way of life of people in the past. We will research castle life, looking at coats of arms, food and the designs of castles. We will also find out about entertainment such as jousting and court jesters.

As Geographers we will be looking at castles all over the world and finding the ones nearest to us.

As Designers we will be we will be exploring mechanisms. We will look at how to make a moving joint so we can make out own dragon mouths. We will also design and make dragon catchers (just in case we see any in the school)

As Artists we will be designing, and creating our own coats of arms, using the ideas from our research to help us. We will also be studying how to use clay and will be designing and making our very own artefacts.

Using the fantastic outdoors area we will be thinking about creating dragon dens (in case any dragons come for a visit)

As Members of the community (our school) we will explore the rules of castle life. We will find out who made the rules and what happened if they were broken. We will then explore how our community (school) makes rules and how rules and laws are made now.

To end the topic we will be visiting Conisbrough Castle. 

Spring Term

This term our theme is Space! We have been learning all about planets, rockets and astronauts. It has been lots of fun so far!

To start off the topic we had a Movie Morning! We made alien hats from black card, pipe cleaners and eyes and wore these while we were watching the films. 
We watched the films Space Buddies and Buzz Lightyear Star Command and Miss Biddle brought in some popcorn for us to eat. She also made hot dogs for us, they were yummy!

We have been working really hard and using our imagination to invent our own planets. We had to design what they look like, who would live there, what the weather is like and how many moons it would have. The ideas were fantastic! Miss Biddle and Mrs McEvoy really liked the Panda groups Coconut Planet! Now we have finshed out plans we are working really hard to make paper mache versions of them!

In Maths we have been learning all about measures and addition. Now we all know how to read O Clock times and some of us can even tell half past times! We all had lots of fun when we worked together as a team to find out how many metres long the playground was! It is 36 metres long! WOW. 

We have also been looking at the story of the Enormous Turnip and know it off by heart (complete with actions). We are extreamly good at retelling the story! We decided that we were going to change the story to make it fit in with our theme. We all really liked the idea of changing the turnip into a spaceship, we even changed some of the animals in the story! Miss Biddle was really happy with our finished stories. 

We also know all about Neil Armstrong and lots of facts about the planets and the solar system. Take a look at the gallery to see what else we have been up to. 


This half term our topic is Rumble in the Jungle! 

We will be looking at the story Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae to start off the topic. We have already visited Yorkhire Wildlife Park which has given us lots of ideas about what we would like to learn! 

Though the topic we will be looking at animals and life processes. We will also be researching where in the world we might find a jungle and investigating what the best materials to camouflage an animal may be by creating our own jungle scene. We are also going to make our own advert to help advertise Yorkshire Wildlife Park!