Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Our Teacher is Miss Biddle
Mrs McEvoy helps us with our work too!


This half term our topic is 

There was a castle long ago…

We will be learning all about fairy tales and the magical worlds they take place in. 

To start the topic off we will have a WOW day where we will complete a Knights Challenge so that we can become Knights of Dinnington. After we have completed the tasks we have a traditional medieval banquet in the hall with chicken soup and bread! YUMMY! Finally we will hold our own knighting ceremony where a king and queen will sit on a throne, give out certificates and knight us all. We will celebrate with some party games while traditional medieval music is playing. 

Through this topic we will develop skills in a range of areas including History, Design Technology & Art, ICT Literacy & Numeracy!! The following is an example of the types of activities we will be carrying out this term. 

As Historians we will be finding out about the way of life of people in the past. We will research castle life, looking at coats of arms, food and the designs of castles. We will also find out about entertainment such as jousting and court jesters.

As Geographers we will be looking at castles all over the world and finding the ones nearest to us.

As Artists we will be designing, and creating our own coats of arms, using the ideas from our research to help us. We will also be studying how to use clay and will be designing and making our very own artefacts.

Using the fantastic outdoors area we will be thinking about creating dragon dens (in case any dragons come for a visit)

As Members of the community (our school) we will explore the rules of castle life. We will find out who made the rules and what happened if they were broken. We will then explore how our community (school) makes rules and how rules and laws are made now.

This half term our topic is 

   Ahoy There!   

During this topic we will be learning all about pirates, where they lived, what ate, how to follow and make our own tresure map and hopefully finding lots of burried treasure!

To start off the topic we had a fantastic pirate WOW day! We even had a pirate fashion show!
We found a video message from a Pirate Paul who told us he had lost his memory in a sea storm! He forgotten where his treasue is burried and also can't remember how to be a pirate! So we are going to try as hard as we can to find out lots of information about pirates to help him. 
On our wow day we started to make telescopes, pirate hats, skull and cross bones flags and treasure chests for our classroom pirate ship its starting to look fantastic!
We also had a treaure hunt all around school and manaaged to find some chocolate treasure which Miss Biddle loved!

Have a look at some of the pictures below!


This half term our topic is


During this topic we will be learning all about dinosaurs, where they lived, what they eat and also why they are not around anymore!
To start off the topic we thought about what we would do if a dinosaur came to our classroom! We had some interesting ideas and decided to do some writing to tell the dinosaurs all about ourselves. We are now training to be expert palaeontologists who know lots of information about dinosaurs. We are hoping to have a trip to The Big Dig in York soon so that we can practice our palaeontology skills!

Through this topic we will develop skills in a range of areas including History, Design Technology, Art, ICT, Literacy and Numeracy! Below are some of the activities that we are going to be carrying out this term.
As Historians we will be thinking about things that happen in the past to ourselves. We will be learning what the words past and present mean and thinking about if what we liked when we were babies is the same as what we like now, we will include all of this in our information books about humans for the dinosaurs.  We will also be looking in Nonfiction books to find out what the earth was like when dinosaurs were alive.

As Geographers we will be going on a walk around the local area and taking photos of what is in Dinnington. We will then use our ICT skills to put these pictures into a word document and write about them. This will also be part of our information booklet.

As Designers we will be learning how to Paper Mache so that we can design and create our own dinosaur eggs.
As Artists we will be looking carefully at dinosaur foot prints and developing our sketching, painting and textile skills be recreating these.
As Scientists we will be learning all about living and growing and how we grow differently to dinosaurs.
In Literacy we will be writing the story of Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs, creating our own dinosaur senses poem as well as lots of other exciting activities.

In Numeracy we will be learning all about adding, subtracting, sharing and measures. other exciting activities.

To end the topic we will be having a visit from dinosaur experts so that we can impress them with all our knowledge.