Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 


Our Teachers are 
Mrs McCambridge, Mrs Marlow and Mrs Bramall


Our project question this half term is 


What Are The Treasures Of The Rainforest? 


We will be working really hard to answer this question by undertaking lots of research on the computers and in non fiction books. All of the work we produce will be put into an exhibition which will take place in July!

We are really looking forward to this and hopefully have a venue where the exhibition can take place.


Throughout the term we will be producing our best work to take to the exhibition. Here are some of the things we will be getting up to. 


In Literacy we will be writing an animal riddle, a Rainforest story and also producing posters and advertisements to persuade people to come to our exhibition. 


In Maths we will be using money to solve practical problems. We will aim to raise money at the exhibition and need to think about what we will sell and how much we need to sell it for to meet our target.

We will prepare for this by solving lots of addition and subtraction problems using money.

While at the exhibition we will be selling cakes so we are going to learn all about halves and quarters so that we can cut them correctly. We will also have to learn about weighing and measuring using scales so we can bake the cakes too!



As part of our topic we will be visiting The Tropical Butterfly House to find out more about the wildlife in the Rainforest. 

We will using this visit to help us produce lots of beautiful artwork to display around our exhibition. While at The Tropical Butterfly House we will be talking to the tour guides about their jobs and what they do so that we can become tour guides at our exhibition. 


Its going to be a very busy and exciting term in Year 1!












5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!


We will be starting off by having a space craft WOW day where we will be making planets, aliens and rockets that we will be putting 

up around the classroom. 

In Literacy this half term we will be writing our own stories based around Mr Benn and will also be turning these into short movies too!

This will involve lots of drama and role play. We are having a big push on using connectives to make our sentences better.

We will then be writing a non fiction text all about our own fictional planet and applying what we have learnt about non fiction texts

in guided reading. 

In maths we will be learning all about doubling and halving numbers to 10 and beyond and using these skills to solve word problems. 

Later this half term we will be learning all about how to tell the time with a big focus on O'Clock and Half Past. 

We will also be weighing different space artifacts and finding out all about capacity when we make our own space drinks.




Our topic this half term is

 ‘Do you want to build a snowman?'

We have started off by having a Frozen WOW Day! 
Open Minds Theatre Group came in to join us and we had lots of fun with Claire and Pete.
We talked all about how we could be the perfect friend for Olaf, made frozen statues in teams using our bodies and even turned our friends into snowmen by wrapping them up in lots of toilet roll! Luckily, Mrs McCambridge managed to get photos before the snowmen melted.
We finished off the day by going on an adventure to the Arctic Tundra where we looked carefully for animals that were camouflaging into their surroundings. We even managed to work together to save seals from the killer whales, creep past a scary polar bear and sneak past a timid reindeer!
Have a look at the photos below

In Literacy this half term we will be writing our own frozen stories, creating an animal fact file and writing instructions to help Santa get out of the chimney.


In maths we are beginning to partition numbers into tens and ones, learning how to tell the time as well as learning all about weight and capacity. We will also be carrying on with solving word problems using addition and subtraction.


We are beginning to practice for our KS1 Christmas production which will take place at the end of half term. So you may hear us singing lots of new and exciting songs!
We will also be making Christmas cards, calendars and something really special to sell at the Christmas fair so watch this space!

Our topic this half term is 'To The Rescue!'

We have started off our topic by learning all about firefighters and what they do.
We have also found out lots of information about vets and have our very own surgery in our classroom!
Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Policemen and Teachers!

In literacy we have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs using Talk for Writing.
We have changed the story as a class to 
The Three Little Meerkats and the Big Bad Spider!
We are now making our own stories and have decided on some interesting characters including dinosaurs, princesses
and big bad sharks!

In maths we are looking at numbers to 20, counting in 2's and 10's and solving word problems using addition and subtraction. We are beginning to independently select equipment in our classroom to help us solve these problems!

Our class monkey 'Reflection Ralf' has been helping us to become more skilled at reflecting and improving on our learning. 
But Ralf likes to be a little bit cheeky and doesn't always listen !

Have a look below at some picture of when the Fire Service came in to talk to us about their job and how to keep safe!
We had lots of fun we now know all about phoning 999 in an emergencyand what fire alarms are for!
We also learnt how to STOP, DROP and ROLL

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