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Welcome to Year 2's Team Page!


The teachers in our team are Miss Hurt, Miss Kirby and Mrs McEvoy




This term our learning is going to be all about Scientific objectives.

We have decided to look at life on a farm!

We will be investigating growing, living and non-living things and the diet of humans and animals.

We will be trying to answer the essential question:

"Where does our food come from?"


As an end product we are hoping to present our very own McCoo style canvases and 3D models at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park at the end of Summer 2.

Image result for mccoo art

We are also going to be keeping a private blog about all of our growing within our classrooms which will have photos updating the growth of our seeds and bulbs!


Image result for cress growing



All of our learning will be building towards our discussion exit point.

 Keep checking the website for more updates on our learning!   



Novel Study

This term we are going to be linking lots of our learning to our Novel Study book:

The Sheep-Pig. Our teachers have lots of exciting plans for this book, including using it as inspiration for our term's writing.



Image result for the sheep-pig

WOW! Sneak peek at some our photos from our amazing hands-on farm session and a day of growing our very own plants! To see more have a look at our Class Dojo pages.

Y2K Immersive Classroom - Spring 2017

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