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Year 2H

Welcome to the class page for Y2H!

Our teachers are Miss Hurt and Mrs Steel

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Summer 2 Newsletter

Summer 2 Newsletter


During the holidays, please have a go at some of these tasks!


Arts and Crafts: Have a go at making your own Santa Maria! Look at the pictures below to give you some ideas.



Maths: Challenge yourself by answering some of these questions. Remember to practice your 5x and 3x tables too!





Why not visit this website to have a go at more maths games? 


Literacy: Why not write your own holiday journal using the skills you learned last term?



Our topic for the Summer Term is

"Ocean Explorers"


Throughout the term, we are going to be working towards answering the question:

"Why is the Ocean explored so much?"

We will be doing lots of research to find out about explorers both on the surface of the Oceans as well as under the sea. We are also hoping to follow the route of Christopher Columbus,  and will be presenting all of our work in an exhibition in July.



We are starting by writing non-chronological reports about marine life. On the 16th of April, we visited the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough to help us find out more about the different creatures that live in the sea. This has helped inspire us, and we are now

'Sea Life Experts'! We will then be moving onto writing recounts linked to the expeditions of Christopher Columbus.



We have started out by working on division and finding the difference between sharing and grouping. We will then be applying this learning to fractions, looking at finding fractions of objects and amounts.



This term we are learning all about coding, and will be working towards creating our own game!


Keep checking the website to see our finished projects.


Sea Life Centre, Scarborough, 16th April 2015

We loved the Angel Fish!
Wow! We can't wait to see the Penguins!
Check out our Penguin poses!
I spy Riley!
We got to go up close too.
The Seals were very friendly.
Off to the rock pools.
We got to touch a Star fish!
We got to hold Hermit Crabs!
Can you spot the Sharks?
Wow! Look at the Sea Turtle!
Look how close we are to the Sharks!
This was our favourite part.
We felt like we were under the sea!
Look at the huge Turtle!
Spot the Sea Horse.

Summer 1 Newsletter

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