Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 2K

Welcome to the class page for Y2K!


Our teachers are Miss Kirby and Mrs McEvoy


Our topic for the Summer term is

'Ocean Explorers'



Literacy - In literacy we are going to start by picking apart and learning the traditional tale of 'Goldilocks and the three bears' to understand the structure and features of story writing. We will then be using this knowledge to write our own story about a magical sea animal on a journey. After this we are going to go on an expedition to different countries and write a poem about what it is like there!


Maths - We are going to be looking at estimating and comparing different weights, lengths and capacities. After this we are going to be researching and collecting data about sea animals, we will then turn this information into different styles of graphs and use the information to answer questions.


Science - In Science we will be finishing off the boats that we have all made and investigated the details of how a boat floats. Looking at what upthrust and buoyancy is and how it helps ships stay afloat to move through the water.


ICT - For the Summer term we are going to be starting to work through a programme of coding so the children will be learning how to make objects move by inputting a set of instructions.


All of our work from Summer 1 and Summer 2 is going to be presented in an Exhibition in the School Hall on Tuesday the 23rd of June 2015 between 2:30pm and 3:30pm. If you are free to come and have a look around please do, the children have become expert 'Ocean Explorers' and would love to show off their fantastic learning!


We've been doing some sketching of Sea Life and Christopher Columbus... here's a sneak peak at some of them! 

We used peer reflection to help us improve our sketches at each stage!

They are all up in the classroom if you want to come and view our sketching gallery :)

Connie has sketched and shaded an Octopus


McCarly braved sketching Christopher Columbus!


Kate has tried really hard to use her pencil skills to create different shades on her Orca!


Our sketching gallery!


Parent's Information Meeting powerpoint