Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 4

During the first Autumn half term we looked at a topic based around the supernatural as requested by the learners in the class.  We took a ghost walk around Anston Stones and found out about some of the possible ghosts to be found there.  We looked at mysteries from all around the world including some of the most famous mysteries such as the Mary Celeste and the Loch Ness Monster.

After a short breather for half term we returned to school to two stand alone weeks.  The first of these was our annual Picture This which focused this year on artwork based around the Autumn theme, some pictures in the gallery below show our completed display.  

The second week was based around the Diwali festival.  We were lucky enough to have a number of visitors in school to run workshops on various related themes (again there are photographs in the galleries below), to finish the week with a flourish the whole school was able to watch an exciting fire show (pictures in the gallery).

Following these two topics we are going to begin looking at how progress has changed the world, so please continue to watch this space....

As you can see we found out about the Amazon rainforest, some of its inhabitants and we carried out several literacy tasks based around adventurers and explorers as well as non-chronological reports on the Crocopotomus.

In the second half of the Spring term we will look at our new Terrible Tudors topic...