Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 4

Welcome to the Y4A Class Page.

Our teachers are Mrs Ardron and Mrs Myers.


Summer Term:

This term our new theme is Shakespeare and the question we are researching is 'How has Shakespeare influenced the entertainment of today?'


As part of our theme, the children are performing part of the play 'Julius Caesar'  during the Shakespeare Festival. Our performance is on Thursday 25th June from 7pm at Magna. Letters are on their way home and consent forms need to be returned ASAP. Tickets to watch are now available from the office.


Literacy: We are looking at reading and writing playscripts during the first half term and we will then be moving onto biographies and newspaper reports. We are particularly focusing on improving the vocabulary that we use and also extending our writing to include more details.


Maths: In maths, we will be carrying out a treasure hunt in class using co-ordinates and also looking at Roman numerals and how these are used. Also, we will be adding to our work of time, if you could encourage your child to read both analogue and digital times to tell the time at home, this would be a great help.


Theme: The children have made a FANTASTIC job of designing and making their own costumes for Julius Caesar. any thanks to all the parents that have helped do this at home. The photos from our fabulous fashion show are below.


Julius Caesar Costumes