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Year 5


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Summer Two Newsletter

Alton Towers - TV Adverts Showreel (1994 - 2005)

Collection of Alton Towers adverts from 1994 through to 2005, including General theme park, Nemesis, Ripsaw, Oblivion, Ug Land, Runaway Mine Train, Mac Donald's Singing Barn, Hex, Barney at Alton Towers, Submission, Firework & Laser Spectacular, Alton Towers Hotel, Air, Splash Landings, Cariba Creek, Tweenies, Spinball Whizzer and Rita.

This Term our topic is 'Don't Look Down'. 

Our essential question is 'What is the science behind roller coasters?'


Last week we had an amazing day at Alton Towers for our wow day. 

Pictures from the day are below so take a look at the fun we had as well as how

wet we got on the water rides!!!!!

Alton Towers

Summer One Newsletter

Spring One Newsletter