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Rotherham Shakespeare Festival 2014

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Welcome to Year 5H's class page! 

This terms Project is linked to Harry Potter




Our essential Question is......

'What does your house say about you?' 

Our trip to Harry Potter Studios

Area and Perimeter Challenge 

Today we have been problem solving in maths. We used our knowledge from the trip to help us. We we given different areas for the rooms in Harry Potter studios. We had to work out what the perimeters COULD be to see if we could fit the rooms into a 20m x 20m grid. 

Take a look at the pictures below to see how we got on 

This week we have created Biographies about the head of each house at Hogwarts. Here's an example of a WAGOLL......

Snape's Biography by Megan Batty

What house do you think you will be in? Find out on Wednesday 6th April!

The sorting Hat!

OUR DOJO PAGE...... use the link below 
Take a look at our new immersive learning environment...........

Our classroom

This term our project is based around the house team in Harry Potter. We will be aiming to re brand our school houses and create new logos and designs for them in a Dragon's Den pitch at the end of the term. 

We will be looking at what qualities are needed to be a valued member of one of our houses. 

In literacy we will be creating biographies of the house leaders at Hogwarts, Persuasive writing among other genres. In textiles we will produce our own house cushions- showing off our design skills as well as our sewing skills! We will also be joining Professor Sprouts Herbology class in Science! There are so many other amazing things we will be doing so take a look at the planning below to find out more information. 


On Monday 18th April we will be visiting Harry Potter Studios. We will take the I pads with us to gather as much evidence as possible which will help us to re brand our school Houses. STAY TUNED FOR THE PHOTOS OF THIS DAY! 

Scroll Down to the bottom of the page for our Summer Newsletter! 

Summer Term Planning Documents Year 5 

Project Outcomes HARRY POTTER

Project Timeline Planning

Maths Summer Journey

Literacy Summer Journey


This term we will be looking at Natural disasters across the world. 


We will be focusing on our geography and science skills. In geography we will be looking at locating natural disasters on a world map. We will be identifying countries and continents as well as comparing human and physical features of cities and countries. 


In science we will be investigating changing materials- MAKING VOLCANOES EXPLODE! as well as creating earthquake resistant buildings and performing the JELLY TEST!


We also be doing lots of other exciting things.. we will keep you posted with pictures as the term progresses! 


Take a look at our mid term plans below....  

Look at our new classroom environment! We LOVE IT! 

Our Classroom

Autumn 2 !This half term's learning will be all about this guy......

Sir Robert Peel



Did the Victorians deserve the punishment the got? 

This is the essential questions we will be aiming to answer in detail by then end of our project. 


Our class will be designing and publishing our own 'Horrible Histories' book. 

We have decided what skills and information we will need to do this. 


Stay tuned to this page to look at the work we have created during our project which will help us to make our publication!


We kick started our topic with an amazing.... and scary day at the London Dungeons. Take a look at the links below to find out more about the dungeon as well as laugh at our hilarious pictures! 


We turned into newspaper reporters for the afternoon to try and find out as much as we could about the Ripper Murders in Whitechapel. We investigated the crime scenes to gather as much evidence as we could.... We did get a visitor too! 

Take a look at the photos. 

Independent Learning day! 


During Independent learning day we were given a project!

We had to work in teams to create a working set of gallows. 


We were given a design brief and the tools to complete the task.... THE REST WAS UP TO US! 


Our Trip the the dungeons

Take a look at our amazing immersive classroom. 


Pictures coming shortly..........

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