Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 5M

Welcome to the Y5M Class Page!


Our essential question for the summer term is...


What does your house say about you?


This terms project will be linking in with the houses used in Harry Potter.


I hope everybody received their invitation to Hogwarts during the holidays!


We had our very own Sorting Hat afternoon to decide which house teams we will be in for the term!

Take a look at the photos from our visit to the Harry Potter Studios!

Do you recognise any of these places?

Take a look at our amazing classroom!

Maths Summer journey

Literacy Summer Journey

Our essential question for spring term is...


Is our planet destroying itself?


During this term we will be looking at natural disasters around the world as well as pollution and recycling!


We will be working on our geography skills this term to locate the top 10 natural disasters on a world map and learn all about the countries and continents!


We will also be working on our science skills to try and create earthquake resistant buildings as well as making volcanoes explode and performing the jelly test!


Below is a copy of our mid term plans...

As part of our school science week we took a visit to Clumber Park! We had a fabulous time learning about all the wildlife and we even got the chance to build our very own dens in case we ever needed to hibernate for the winter!

Volcanic eruptions with bicarbonate of soda!

After testing for the best volcanic eruption with bicarbonate of soda, we decided to compare the results of bicarbonate of soda with vinegar, Diet Coke with Mentos and tomato ketchup mixed with lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Here's how we got on!

Where in the world?

Our WOW day to the cinema to see The Impossible

Take a look at our exciting new classroom environment!




Our essential question for the Autumn term is 'Did the Victorians deserve the punishment they got?'


We will be researching Victorian crime and punishment and creating our very own Horrible Histories book!

As a class we have discussed the skills that we will need!


To give us an idea about Victorian crime and punishment we took a visit to the London Dungeons! 

Here are some photographs of our classroom that we have designed to represent Victorian crime and punishment! We hope you like it!

Jack the ripper investigation!


We became crime detectives for the afternoon to help Inspector Abberline solve the Jack the Ripper murder investigation! We learned all about Jack the Ripper and the crimes he committed. 

Be careful, Jack was never found!!

Visit to Winterhill CLC


Following on from our Jack the Ripper investigation we decided to help Inspector Abberline by producing a news broadcast to warn the people of Whitechapel. We learned how to create a fabulous environment using the green screen, as well as cameras, sound, prompts and all the other important jobs!

We also used Comic Life to create our very own Jack the Ripper comic strips!

Independent learning day


For our independent learning day we designed and created our very own Victorian punishments! We used a number of different materials to produce miniature scale models of the Victorian gallows! Take a look at our gruesome creations!

Visit to Sheffield Hallam University


As part of careers week, Y5 and Y6 went to visit Sheffield Hallam University to learn all about the opportunities that university offers. We looked at courses, student lifestyle and went on a treasure hunt to find different university buildings that are scattered around the city!


After visiting the university we went for a tour around Sheffield to look at some of the famous landmarks and discussed the jobs that we noticed throughout the city! Here are some photographs from our day in Sheffield!

We hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the fabulous activities we have been getting up to!

We will be sure to keep you updated with all the amazing work we are creating!

See you soon!!