Dinnington Community Primary School


Year 6

Welcome to the year 6 class page! 

Coming sooooon..............
Our Superhero  creative writing. Be prepared to be amazed!!!!



Welcome To Year 6 
This term our topic has been CSI. 
We kicked off our topic with an amazing CSI wow day! During this wow day we learn exactly how to solve a crime. This incldued: taking fingerprints using magnetic powder, extracting hair and fibres and looking at them under a microscope and used UV lamp. In the afternoon we looked at a crime scene and used our skills to try and solve the mystery. It turns out that Jackie Curtis comitted the crime!!!!!!

We have done lots of work linked to our wow day

We Extracted DNA from an onion in science and made our own DNA strands
We did an investaigation to find out what was the most rare type of fingerprint in the school- It was a tented arch!
We created some amazing pieces of art using our painting skills
We also based our literacy around the trial of the three little pigs! 
To finish our topic we will be having a court room day to find out if the defendant is GUILTY! 

To find out more about our recent topic, take a look at the gallery below!