Dinnington Community Primary School


Upper Key Stage 2

We will be reopening to all children from Thursday 3rd September. 


Start/finish times

Year 5 - 8:40/3:15

Year 5/6 - 8:30/3:05

Year 6 - 8:40/3:15

If you have children in different year groups, please drop them both off at the most convenient time to you. This will help us limit the number of people on site. 


Lunch and break times

Children's break times and lunch times will be staggered in order to limit the mixing of 'bubbles'. 


Lunch will be eaten in classrooms and children can either bring a packed lunch from home or order a hot 'grab bag' via Dolce.


What can children bring? 

Please only bring essentials with you to school. This will help to keep you and other members of our school safe. This might include:

  • A water bottle with your name on
  • Packed lunch
  • Book bag
  • Coat
  • PE Kit

Please DO NOT bring any toys into school. 


What will my classroom look like?

Your classroom might look a little bit different and your desks will be in rows. This helps us to limit contact with each other. 

You will have your own pack of essentials, such as pencil, whiteboard, gluestick etc, but you will still be able to use other equipment.