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Year 6M

Welcome to the Y6Mc Class Page!

Our Summer term key question is...


Why should I take a walk in the park?


This term we will be spending a lot of time reading, analysing and investigating the story, "Voices in the Park" by Anthony Browne.  

The learning that we produce over the term will be displayed in an exhibition at the end of the topic.

Take a look at our learning!

Thinking carefully about the pictures in the story
Thinking carefully about the different characters
Discussing events in the story
Character sketch from the story
Creating a map of the park from the story
Sound poem linked to the story
Reading to children in F1
Reading to children in F2
Investigating sound
Can sound travel through water?
How does sound travel through different materials?
Independent learning day!
End of SATs disco!

Take a look at our classroom that has been transformed into pictures from the book!

Our Spring key question was...


Is it too late to save our rainforest?


We were investigating life in the rainforest (including humans, plants and animals) and the threats they face.



Rainforest Music


In our music learning, we thought carefully about the sounds of the rainforest and how we could recreate these using percussion instruments, our classroom environment and even our bodies.  We decided to start with drops of rain building up to storms with animals noises and even a tree falling due to deforestation.  Watch the video and see if you can spot which sounds represent what!

Our rainforest sounds

Still image for this video

Science week


This term in science week we visited the magnificent Clumber Park. We had a fantastic day and really developed our team work and science skills in such a fun and exciting way!


We spent the morning having a Y6 den building competition and all of the adults were very impressed with how every Y6 team worked so amazingly as a unit! It was incredibly difficult to decide on a winning team! During the afternoon we developed our science skills through learning all about trees, their life cycles and different animals who call the park home! We also heard some special mythical stories from different cultures linked to the woods and animals in the park.  

We had a lovely afternoon even all climbing inside a tree that is over 450 years old: incredible!  We even created some "Wild Art" using items found in the park - can you tell what we created?  

Photos from our fun trip to Clumber Park

Wow day at the Tropical Butterfly House

An owl from the rainforest
A chinchilla
Snake skin
A turkey
Caimen crocodile
Learning about the rainforest
Ants carrying twigs
Looking at a moth in its cocoon
Can you see the butterfly on his head?
Holding a snake

David Williams' Rainforest Song

A fun song we have sung about rainforests!

Our amazing classroom!

Spring 2 Newsletter

Autumn's learning journey...


How would my life be different if I had been born in the 1800s?


Read on to find out about the learning in our class team!

Bug Club


In our school, we are subscribed to the website Active Learn so we can take part in the Bug Club.  We can read books and answer questions from the books and also learn about areas of SPaG and play games based on our SPaG learning.


Remember to go on at home if you have the internet!  It works on both tablets and computers.  If you have forgotten your username and password, ask Ms McCarty.

Visiting Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University during Careers Week

Year 5 and Year 6 visited Sheffield Hallam University to learn about student life and career options from university.  We learnt about what university is, what you do while you are there, what it is like to be a student and also had a tour of part of the campus.  We visited their huge library and some of the lecture theatres too.  We learnt a lot and lots of us are now desperate to go to university ourselves!


In the afternoon, we toured Sheffield city centre, finding as many jobs as we could around the landmarks of Sheffield - we ended up with over 200 jobs on our list from the places we visited!  It was lots of fun and we thought very carefully about the jobs we could do as adults.

Crucial Crew Trip

Year 6 visited Crucial Crew to take part in activities teaching them all about how to deal with and avoid dangerous situations as they grow older and more independent.  The day involved the children facing simulated emergency situations and learning how to deal with them by reading the situation, acting sensibly or calling for help.  We met staff from Rotherham Road Safety, South Yorkshire Police and Fire and Rescue, First bus company and the magistrate court.  It was a really informative and interesting day!

Over Autumn term, we will be investigating this question through all of our learning.  We will be ending with an exhibition of the fantastic creations we have made (like Victorian peg dolls) and Victorian inspired food.


We started out our topic with an incredible trip back in time to a Victorian classroom with the most strict teacher we have ever met!  We experienced first-hand what life was like as a Victorian child, taking a real child's name and walking in their footsteps.  We played games, played with toys and even washed clothes the way Victorians would have done.


Take a look at the pictures below to see our fantastic day!

Our fantastic trip to the Victorian Classroom

Our Victorian Classroom!


Our classroom has been transformed into a half-poor, half-rich Victorian household.  We created beautiful William Morris-inspired wallpaper to help decorate our classroom.  Come visit our classroom to take a look!

Our Victorian classroom

Our poor Victorian side
Our reading corner and maths working wall
Our amazing wallpaper and rich Victorian side
Our literacy working wall

Visit to Winterhill CLC

Listening carefully to the teacher at the CLC
Using Photoshop to create a Victorian picture
Creating our Victorian images
Using Scratch to learn coding/programming