Dinnington Community Primary School

Dinnington Community Primary School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

School Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2RE


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Safe Transition

We are committed to ensuring our learners have a safe and structured transition between year groups, key stages or new schools.

When a child joins us in the Foundation Stage we offer parent meetings to share expectations, top tips and ideas. It is really important you come to this meeting as a lot of important information is given out at this point. We also work closely with our new parents to provide opportunities for you to share learning experiences with your child. We also operate an open door policy to enable us to listen to and respond to any concerns you may have.

Both F1 (Nursery) and F2 (reception) classes have staged admission dates at the start of the year. This means we give children chance to settle in as part of a smaller group before the class gets into the full swing of learning. You will be given your child’s starting date at the meeting mentioned above.

We provide moving up days in the summer term for existing learners to meet their new teachers and  opportunities for new starters to our school to visit and meet staff and children prior to joining us.

When our learners are preparing to move to Secondary school we work closely with each chosen secondary school to share key information and provide moving up days so each child feels safe and confident well in advance of starting. We also use assemblies and lessons to answer any questions and concerns children might have.